2 O3 (g) 3 O2 (g)


  • O3Trioxygen source: wikipedia, accessed: 2019-09-27
    • Other names: Ozone source: wikipedia, accessed: 2019-09-27source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04source: NIOSH NPG, accessed: 2019-09-02, 2λ4-trioxidiene; catena-trioxygen source: wikipedia, accessed: 2019-09-27, Triatomic oxygen source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07source: NIOSH NPG, accessed: 2019-09-02
    • Appearance: Colourless to pale blue gas source: wikipedia, accessed: 2019-09-27; Colourless or bluish gas with characteristic odour source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04; Colorless to blue gas with a very pungent odor. source: NIOSH NPG, accessed: 2019-09-02


  • O2
    • Names: Dioxygen source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07, Oxygen source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07, Oxygen (liquefied) source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04
    • Appearance: Odourless compressed gas source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04; Liquefied gas. colourless-to-blue extremely cold liquid source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04