Mg + Si MgSi

This is an oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction:

Si0 + 2 e- Si-II (reduction)

Mg0 - 2 e- MgII (oxidation)

Si is an oxidizing agent, Mg is a reducing agent.


  • Mg
    • Names: Magnesium source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07, Magnesium (powder) source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04, Magnesium (pellets) source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04
    • Appearance: Grey powder source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04; Silvery-white metallic solid in various forms source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04
  • Si
    • Names: Silicon source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04source: NIOSH NPG, accessed: 2019-09-02, Si source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07, Element 14 source: wikidata, accessed: 2019-09-07
    • Appearance: Steel-grey crystals or black-to-brown amorphous powder source: ICSC, accessed: 2019-09-04; Black to gray, lustrous, needle-like crystals. [Note: The amorphous form is a dark-brown powder.] source: NIOSH NPG, accessed: 2019-09-02


  • MgSi